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Version: ROS 2 Humble

Swift Navigation Duro

Item Numbers

DescriptionCPR ItemSales KitInstallation Kit, With Fasteners
Swift Navigation Duro sensor015822027107027213
Swift Navigation Duro inertial sensor018151027108027214


Mass0.8 kg
Voltage, Minimum10 V
Voltage, Maximum35 V
Voltage, Sensor12 V or 24 V
Power, Average5 W
DataEthernet, 100 Mbit/s
View, Vertical±60° from vertical
Position Accuracy2.5 m
Position Accuracy RTK (requires a Base Station or a positioning-service)0.01 m
Ingress Protection, Solids6
Ingress Protection, Liquids7
Operating Temperature, Min-40 °C
Operating Temperature, Max75 °C

Software Bringup

This sensor is included in the Clearpath Robotics robot package that is installed on all of our robots. This allows you to add or remove the sensor from your robot's software description by modifying the robot configuration yaml.

- model: swiftnav_duro
urdf_enabled: true
launch_enabled: true
parent: base_link
xyz: [0.0, 0.0, 0.0]
rpy: [0.0, 0.0, 0.0]
gps_receiver_frame_id: gps_0_link
ip_port: 55555
imu_frame_id: gps_0_link

Package and Setup

The SwiftNav Duro uses the duro_gps_driver ROS 2 driver. The driver is open source, maintained by the autonomous vehicle development team of Széchenyi University, and hosted on GitHub.

The duro_gps_driver and its dependency libsbp, the Swift binary protocol libray, must be built from source.

Build and install the libsbp:

# Install build dependencies.
sudo apt-get install build-essential pkg-config cmake doxygen check
# Clone driver to home directory
cd ~
git clone
# Checkout latest supported branch
cd libsbp
git checkout e149901e63ddcdb0d818adcd8f8e4dbd0e2738d6
# Update submodules
cd c
git submodule update --init --recursive
# Build and install
mkdir build; cd build
cmake ../
sudo make install

Build the duro_gps_driver in the ROS workspace.

# Clone driver to source directory
cd ~/colcon_ws/src
git clone -b ros2-humble
# Build the driver
cd ~/colcon_ws
colcon build --packages-select duro_gps_driver

For specifics on the way Clearpath's configuration system launches the duro_gps_driver, see the SwiftNav Duro launch file and the default parameter file in clearpath_sensors.


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