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Version: ROS 2 Humble

Sensors Overview

Coimbra University's Husky for Minesweeping

This documentation should be considered a quick reference, rather than a complete technical data package from the sensor's Original Equipment Manufacturer. Every sensor page in our documentation has a Further Reading section at the bottom, listing hyperlinks to the related ROS drivers, and OEM documentation.

Also note that we have only listed the documentation of our most commonly used sensors.

We suggest you:

  1. Review our documentation of the sensors related to your robot integration.
  2. Review the related Further Reading section.
  3. If you are planning to purchase a sensor for standalone use, or for integration with a non-Clearpath system, consider visiting our Component Store,
  4. If you want Clearpath Robotics to integrate sensors on your robot, contact our Sales team at, whether you want to use a new Clearpath Robotics platform, or reuse your existing vehicle.
  5. Contact our Support team at if you have any questions.