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Version: ROS 2 Humble

Robot Operating System 2 (ROS 2) Overview

For ROS 2 Humble and beyond, the software structure of Clearpath robots has changed significantly. Rather than having individual sets of packages for each robot, we have opted to create common clearpath packages which are used by all supported platforms. Additionally, we are moving away from using environment variables to customize the robot, and instead using a YAML configuration file to describe the robot. We have also defined a ROS 2 API common to all of our supported platforms. As a result, our platforms are now more customizable, more modular, and more unified.


Clearpath Platform: The platform refers to the vehicle that makes up the base of the robot. The platform may be referred to by the platform code to indicate the revision.

Clearpath Robot: The robot refers to the entire robotic system, including the platform, sensors, and additional accessories.

Clearpath Config: The config refers to the robot.yaml configuration file that defines the Clearpath robot.

Clearpath API: The API refers to the ROS 2 application programming interface. This is a set of ROS 2 topics and services defined by Clearpath which are used by all supported Clearpath platforms.

Supported Platforms

PlatformPlatform codeSupports ROS 2 Humble (amd64)(arm64)
HuskyA200Yes (As of 0.1)Coming
JackalJ100Yes (As of 0.1)Coming
WarthogW200Yes (As of 0.2)Coming

Supported Sensors


While some sensor drivers may support other sensor models, the table below represents the sensors that have been validated by Clearpath.

SICK LMS-111/LMS-1512D LidarDebianLMS1xx
Hokuyo UST10-LX2D LidarDebianurg_node
Hokuyo UST20-LX2D LidarDebianurg_node
Hokuyo UST30-LX2D LidarDebianurg_node
MicroStrain 3DM-GX5IMUDebianmicrostrain_intertial
Redshift Labs UM7IMUDebianum7
CH Robotics UM6IMUDebianum7
Velodyne Puck3D LidarDebianvelodyne
Garmin GPS 18xGPSDebiannmea_navsat_driver
NovAtel SMART6 and SMART7GPSDebiannmea_navsat_driver
Swift Navigation DuroGPSSourceduro_gps_driver
Flir Blackfly SCameraDebianflir_camera_driver
Intel Realsense D435Depth CameraDebianrealsense-ros
Stereolabs Zed 2Depth CameraSourcezed-ros2-wrapper

Debian drivers are automatically installed on robots as part of the Clearpath Robot Metapackage.