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Version: ROS 2 Humble

Mini ITX

Mini ITX computers are the default computer option for many Clearpath robots.


To install and configure software on your Mini ITX computer, see Robot Installation.


If you want Clearpath Robotics to integrate sensors on your robot, contact our Sales team at, whether you want to use a new Clearpath Robotics platform, or reuse your existing vehicle.


Contact our Support team at if you have any questions.


Computer will not turn on automatically

We configure the BIOS on our robots computers to boot automatically when they receive power. This is typically used for servers and similar industrial computers were they need to automatically restart after a blackout.

To update the BIOS:

  1. Connect a monitor and keyboard to the robot's computer.

  2. Turn the computer on, and immediately start pressing the delete key on the robot's keyboard. You should be pressing it at least 4 times per second.


    delete is the most common key to enter BIOS, but your computer's motherboard may require a different key to be pressed. The startup screen has a note stating what key needs to be pressed, but it passes by quickly, and starts loading the Operating System. You can take a video of the monitor to review the information slowly.

  3. The monitor should show the BIOS landing page. There is a setting that will start the computer automatically. Unfortunately, this setting seems to change names with every motherboard. It is often in the Power or CPU areas of the BIOS settings.

  4. Save and Reboot after your change the setting to have the computer start with automatic power on.

Computer keeps reverting to old BIOS settings

This is often due to a low voltage CMOS battery. This is a battery on the computer's motherboard that powers firmware devices, like the computer's clock when the OS is not running. The location will change depending on the motherboard, but the battery will look like a silver coin.

To replace it:

  1. Shut off the robot.
  2. Use a static grounding strap, so you do not damage the computer.
  3. Use hand tools to disassemble your robot, to get access to the computer.
  4. Open the computer, so you can see the motherboard.
  5. Remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard. It is usually held in a spring clip that also makes the electrical connection to the motherboard. Some motherboards use a CMOS battery with a pigtail lead, but this is uncommon.
  6. Purchase and install a replacement battery that matches the manufacturer information on the old battery. You may find the battery on sites like Amazon, Digi-Key, and Octopart. Contact our Support team if you cannot find a replacement.
  7. Turn on the computer, and reenter your BIOS settings.