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Version: ROS 2 Humble

Boxer Troubleshooting

Robots are complex. Common issues are listed below. Contact our support team at if the issue persists.


Our Support team may ask you to create a rosbag. This is a tool that saves ROS data to a file, so we can review it after the robot has been turned off.

For example, we may ask you to record the /status topic so we can review motor temperatures, and other diagnostic data. To create this rosbag, you would:

  1. Log into the robot's computer.
  2. Run the command rosbag record /status
  3. Use your robot as you typically would, trying to recreate the issue you have been experiencing.
  4. Once done, in the terminal, press ctrl+c to stop the command.
  5. Enter ls, and find the new file that was created. It will have a file extension of .bag
  6. Copy this file to your development computer, using a command like scp. Send this .bag file to Clearpath Robotics in your Support email request.


Not getting Wi-Fi internet connection

Refer to the Networking page.

Cannot connect to the robot's computer over a network cable

Reter to the Networking page.


The computer does not automatically start

Refer to the Mini ITX troubleshooting page.

The computer keeps reverting to old BIOS settings

Refer to the Mini ITX troubleshooting page.


ROS package is not starting

Verify the upstart logs, /var/log/upstart/husky_core.log, to see if there are any error during upstart.

Sensors are not turning on

  1. Check that the sensor's User Power connector has the correct voltage.
  2. If the voltage is correct, then review the Troubleshooting section for the related sensor.

If the Issue Persists

Clearpath is committed to your success. Please get in touch with us and we will do our best to get you rolling again quickly:

To get in touch with a salesperson regarding Clearpath Robotics products, please email

If you have an issue that is specifically about ROS and is something which may be of interest to the broader community, consider asking it on If you do not get a satisfactory response, please ping us and include a link to your question as posted there. If appropriate, we will answer in the ROS Answers context for the benefit of the community.