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Version: ROS 1 Noetic

Husky Observer Troubleshooting

Refer to Husky Troubleshooting and OutdoorNav Frequently Asked Questions for troubleshooting tips related to the base Husky and to the OutdoorNav software. Additional topics related to Husky Observer are outlined below.


  1. The E-stop light is illuminated. How do I resolve this?

    This light indicates that one of the E-stop sources (4 on the robot, one remote) is activated. Once all sources have been deactivated, the light will turn off.

  2. The joystick does not seem to work well. How do I resolve this?

    The joystick is intended for operation and debugging when in close proximity to the robot. It should be functional at a range of up to 10 meters, when there is direct line of sight from the joystick to the robot. Note that the OutdoorNav UI virtual joystick is intended to be the primary way to perform teleoperation of the robot for larger ranges.


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