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Version: 0.7.0

Web UI Manual Mode (Teleoperation)

The Manual Mode in the Web UI allows the user to operate the UGV remotely (teleoperate) by using sensors on the UGV to visualize the environment and by using a joystick to control the motion of the UGV.

Ensure that you have read Safety and are aware of possible hazards when using this product as well as the safety methods that can be used to stop the moving UGV.

Teleoperation Components
  1. Speedometer: An indicator of the UGV's current forward speed.
  2. Joystick: The joystick will allow the user to move the UGV manually from the UI. Motion can be sent to the UGV in 360° directions and the speed can be controlled by the distance of the joystick from its neutral position.
  3. Sensitivity Scale: A UGV-specific scale that controls the maximum allowable UGV velocities at each level. The maximum linear velocity is 1.0 meters per second and the maximum angular velocity is 0.5 radians per second. The scale levels are 100%, 80%, 50% and 20%, with the default set to 80%.

Monitor Wireless Strength

While teleoperating the UGV, the user will notice that the delay between the time a command is sent and the time it is executed (and/or visible on the UI camera views) will increase as the distance increases. This effect will be further amplified by any obstacles between the UGV and the base (eg. walls, vehicles, mounds, etc.). It is important to monitor this delay an be cautious when driving the UGV with larger delay for risk of crashing into obstacles.