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Version: 0.7.0

Starter Kit Hardware Checklist

The OutdoorNav Starter Hardware Kit from Clearpath Robotics contains:

  • Ublox F9P GNSS
  • Phidget Spatial 3/3/3 IMU
  • RealSense D435f (x2) Depth Camera
Starter Kit Integration

To integrate this kit onto your robot, ensure that all of the requirements below are satisfied for proper operation of the OutdoorNav software.

The Starter Kit should be rigidly fixed to the platform. Ie. It should not move or rotate relative to the platforms base_link.
Once mounted, the XYZ position of the Starter Kit frame relative to the base_link frame has been noted here:
X: , Y: , Z:
The Starter Kit is connected to the base robot computer via a gigabit ethernet cable (Cat6(a) minimum).
The Starter Kit is power by an 18 - 75 V source supplied by the platform.

Should any of the external sensors positions need to be moved, the following constraints should be followed:

  • The GNSS antenna is to be placed upright, on an unobstructed part of the platform with clear visibility.

  • The RealSense D435f cameras should be placed with a minimal amount of their field of view (FoV) obstructed by the platform body.

    The new XYZ position of the GNSS antenna and/or the Realsense D435f cameras relative to the Starter Kit Frame are noted below:

    GNSS Antenna0.00.00.0
    RealSense D435f (front)
    RealSense D435f (rear)

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