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Version: 0.8.0

Platform Computer Checklist

The following instructions are only required if intending to install the OutdoorNav software on a secondary or Starter Kit computer, henceforth named the hardware kit. If installed on the platform computer, please proceed to the Interface Control Checklist.

In addition to the electromechanical installation of the hardware kit, software updates are required to the platform computer, as outlined below.

Connect an ethernet cable between the platform computer and the hardware kit, either directly between them or via an ethernet switch. Make note of which port was used on the platform computer so that it's IP address can be configured in the next step.
Ensure network connectivity between the platform computer and the hardware kit on the 192.168.131.XXX subnet. Configure the platform computer to have a static IP assigned on the interface that is used to connect to the hardware kit. Ideally this IP address will be, but it can be in the range. In some cases, this may require the creation of a virtual interface. Record the platform computer IP address.
Platform Computer IP Address:
On the platform computer, add the following line to the /etc/hosts file: cpr-<project_code>-onav>
On the platform computer, run ping cpr-<project_code>-onav> and confirm it is successful.
On the platform computer, Install ROS Noetic if not already installed (the ros-noetic-ros-base version is sufficient).
On the platform computer, configure ROS Noetic so it is running with the ROS_MASTER_URI set to the base platform computer. Note that localhost:11311 is acceptable only if the primary subnet on the platform computer is the 192.168.131.XXX subnet.
Restart both the platform computer and the hardware kit, then run rostopic list on the platform computer and confirm that it includes the OutdoorNav topics.
On the platform computer, complete all checks in Interface Control Checklist and confirm that all listed ROS topics are publishing as expected.

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