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Custom Kit Hardware Checklist

To integrate the custom hardware kit from Clearpath Robotics onto your robot, ensure that all of the requirements below are satisfied for proper operation of the OutdoorNav software.

All sensors have been mounted to the UGV with fixed brackets. Ie. the sensor should not move or rotate relative to the UGVs base_link.
Spacing between the GNSS antennas is greater than 0.7 m.
SwitfNav Piksi/Duro GNSS units, 2D/3D LiDAR units (Velodyne, Sick, Hokuyo) and Axis cameras have been configured to communicate over ethernet (IP). IP sensors are assigned within the following ranges on the 192.168.131.XXX subnet and recorded in the table below.
Cameras:, LiDARs:, GNSS:, Wireless:

SensorSensor IPSensorSensor IP
For each sensor that is to be integrated, measure the XYZ position, in metres, and RPY (roll/pitch/yaw) orientation, in radians, relative to the robot's base_link frame. Record the XYZ and RPY values in the table below.


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