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Appendix B: Installing Backpack Software


Before you can configure the IndoorNav backpack, you must contact Clearpath Robotics' customer support and ask to be sent an archive containing additional files needed. You will need to copy this archive onto the backpack PC as noted below.

Your IndoorNav backpack PC comes with the latest supported version of IndoorNav pre-installed. If you need to update or reinstall the software on the backpack PC, first update the OS using the procedure outlined here:

Once the OS has been updated you will need to connect a monitor, keyboard, and wired internet connection to backpack PC. Power-on the PC and log in using the backpack's default username and password.

After logging in you may now copy the .tar.gz file supplied by Clearpath Robotics onto the backpack. Make a note of the path to this file, as you will need it in the following steps.

Run the following commands to establish a wired internet connection:

sudo ip link delete sbr0 type bridge
sudo dhclient eno1

You may need to replace eno1 with a different interface ID, depending on the physical ethernet port you have connected to your router. Other common examples are enp2s0, enp3s0, and eth0. Running the ip a command will show all available network interfaces.

Run the following commands to download the setup script to complete the rest of the backpack software installation:

cd $HOME
git clone
cd cpr-indoornav-install

The script is interactive and will prompt you for the following pieces of information (not necessarily in this order):

  • a new hostname for the backpack PC
  • the hostname of your robot's primary PC
  • the path to the .tar.gz file you copied onto the backpack earlier

You must power-cycle the backpack PC after running to finalize the configuration.