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Version: ROS 2 Humble

Network IP Addresses

These are the standard addresses that Clearpath uses for custom robot configurations. The details of your specific integration should have been included with your robot as a robosmiths memo stating the device, serial number, and IP address.

This chart is for reference, to help you decide what address to assign sensors or computers that you are adding to a robot.

Device FamilyDevice DescriptionStatic IP Address/RangeComments
Computers & MCUsPrimary Computer192.168.131.1The roscore process always runs here
MCU192.168.131.2Used on Dingo, Ridgeback, Warthog
Secondary Computer192.168.131.5
Tertiary Computer192.168.131.6
Cameras & VisionPrimary/front camera192.168.131.10
Secondary/rear camera192.168.131.11
2D & 3D LidarPrimary/front lidar192.168.131.20
Secondary/rear lidar192.168.131.21
Tertiary lidar192.168.131.22
GPSGPS (base station)
GPS (primary/position)
GPS (secondary/heading)
SonarPrimary sonar192.168.131.35
Secondary sonar192.168.131.36
ArmsPrimary/left arm192.168.131.40
Secondary/right arm192.168.131.41
GrippersPrimary/left hand192.168.131.45
Secondary/right hand192.168.131.46
Radio (base station)
Radio (internal)
Networking HWAdditional radios192.168.131.52 - 69
Unassigned192.168.131.70 - 99Available as overflow for other ranges
DHCP192.168.131.100 - 254DHCP client addresses