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Version: 0.10.0

Mission Scheduler API

The Mission Scheduler API provides a ROS interface for creating, deleting, editing, and executing missions on a daily schedule. Schedules are stored in a database-like structure on-disk, and can be executed manually or automatically.

The web UI is the primary method of creating and modifying schedules, though the ROS API is available should you wish to write your own interface or create automation tools to interact with the scheduler.

The Schedule Object

A schedule consists of one or more missions to be executed in the specified order at a particular start time. For consistency the start time is expressed as a 24-hour time in UTC.

The schedule must be in one of 3 modes:

  • MODE_ONCE -- the mission is executed exactly once per day, at the indicted UTC time
  • MODE_LOOP -- the mission is executed a set number of times per day, starting at the indicated UTC time and repeating at fixed intervals until the desired number of repetitions is reached
  • MODE_TRANSIENT -- the mission is run exactly once, and is not saved to the persistent storage. This is intended to be used for deferred execution of a mission (e.g. execute mission X in 5 minutes would use a transient schedule)

Deleting a mission from the Mission Manager will result in that mission being automatically removed from any schedules it was part of. If a schedule has no missions it is automatically disabled, and cannot be re-enabled until it contains at least one mission.

A Note on Schedule Timing

Automatically-scheduled missions are executed at the provided time +/- 10 seconds. The duration provided by the next_schedule topic and get_next_schedule service is therefore approximate. We recommend rounding the time to the nearest minute when displaying the countdown information to the user in any sort of GUI.

Topics Exported by Mission Scheduler


Message Type: cpr_mission_scheduler_msgs/msg/NextSchedule

Description: Publishes the UUID and duration to the next scheduled mission. If no missions are scheduled the UUID will be blank.

Update Rate: 1Hz


Message Type: cpr_mission_scheduler_msgs/msg/StorageState

Description: Publishes the current state of the database. Anything that needs to display the current set of schedules should subscribe to this topic

Update Rate: Latched, publishes on state-change only

Services Exported by Mission Scheduler


Service Type: cpr_mission_manager_msgs/srv/AddRemoveById

Description: Add a mission to an existing schedule.


Service Type: cpr_mission_scheduler_msgs/srv/CloneSchedule

Description: Perform a deep-copy of an existing schedule


Service Type: cpr_mission_scheduler_msgs/srv/CreateSchedule

Description: Create a new schedule


Service Type: cpr_mission_manager_msgs/srv/DeleteEverything

Description: Delete all schedules.


This action is permanent and cannot be undone. Use with caution.


Service Type: cpr_mission_manager_msgs/srv/DeleteById

Description: Delete a single schedule.


This action is permanent and cannot be undone. Use with caution.


Service Type: mission_scheduler/srv/UpdateSchedule

Description: Enable or disable a schedule.


Disabled schedules can still be run manually with the run_now action (see below). Disabled schedules will never be run automatically.


Service Type: cpr_mission_scheduler_msgs/srv/ExportData

Description: Export all schedule data to a base64 string to it can be backed-up or copied to another robot.


This service is intended to be used in combination with the import_data service to facilitate backups or synchronizing schedules across multiple robots.


Service Type: mission_scheduler/srv/GetAllSchedules

Description: Get the list of all schedules. The list will include enabled, disabled, and transient schedules.


Service Type: mission_scheduler/srv/GetNextSchedule

Description: Get the UUID of the next schedule that will be run automatically. If nothing is scheduled (e.g. because there are no enabled schedules) the UUID will be blank.


The duration is the approximate time left before the schedule will be started automatically. Schedules will start at their designated start time +/- 10 seconds.


Service Type: mission_scheduler/srv/GetSchedule

Description: Get the schedule with the provided UUID. If an error occurred, or no schedule with the provided UUID exists, the returned object will have a blank UUID.


Service Type: cpr_mission_scheduler_msgs/srv/ImportData

Description: Import data exported by the export_data service. This will delete all schedules and replace the database contents with the imported data.


This service is intended to be used in combination with the export_data service to facilitate backups or synchronizing schedules across multiple robots.


Service Type: cpr_mission_manager_msgs/srv/AddRemoveById

Description: Remove the mission at a given position from a schedule, or remove all copies of a mission from a schedule


Service Type: mission_scheduler/srv/UpdateSchedule

Description: Modify an existing schedule. All of the schedule's properties are overwritten with the new values provided in the service call.


Before modifying a schedule it is recommended to call the get_schedule service to get the schedule's current state, copy all values to the service request object, and then change the fields you want to overwrite.

Actions Exported by Mission Scheduler


Action Type: cpr_mission_scheduler_msgs/action/RunScheduleByUuid

Description: Execute the schedule with the given UUID. The delay parameter will defer the execution by the specified time. This action can be used to run a disabled schedule, or run a schedule at a time other than its scheduled start time.

Feedback Rate: 1Hz