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Version: 0.12.0

ROSbag Recorder

If you need to perform a quick rosbag recording from the UI you can do so by navigating to the Settings dropdown in the upper left hand menu and select Start rosbag recording. This will record a rosbag of the following topics (or all the topics in the namespace if followed by a /*):

  • '/rosout(.*)'
  • '/twist_marker_server/(.*)'
  • '/dock/(.*)'
  • '/laser_target_tracker/(.*)'
  • '/localization/(.*)'
  • '/localization_core/(.*)'
  • '/localization_helper/(.*)'
  • '/mission/(.*)'
  • '/navigation/(.*)'
  • '/onboard_systems/(.*)'
  • '/platform/(.*)'
  • '/swiftnav/(.*)'
  • '/sensors/gps(.*)'
  • '/sensors/imu(.*)'
  • '/target/(.*)'
  • '/tf(.*)'

To stop the recording navigate to the Settings drop down and select Stop rosbag recording. This will save the rosbag with the date and time as its file name in the /opt/onav/saved_files/rosbags/ directory.