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Physical Tools

These are the most common tools we use at Clearpath Robotics to build and maintain robots. There is a much longer list of tools we use to design, test, and build more complicated aspects of our robots—such as Printed Circuit Board Assemblies. The intention of this page is to show you what tools we use for maintenance, and for adding sensors to our robots.

Contact Us

Contact our Sales team at if you want us to add sensors or custom attachments to your robot. We can suggest hardware and software that will meet your application goals.

You can see some of our past Integration Services projects here.


Some tools are specific to the electrical connectors we use at Clearpath Robotics. For example, we show a Panduit crimper for ring terminals. This suggestion is because use Panduits ring terminals in our cable assemblies. There are other manufacturers that make comparable products, such as Molex, Phoenix Contact, and Tyco Electronics.

CategoryDescriptionPreferred ManufacturerManufacturer Item Number
ConsumablesLint Free ClothKimtech
Isopropyl Alcohol
Thread Locker, LightLoctite222
Thread Locker, MediumLoctite243
Thread, Anti-SeizeLoctite8065
Silicone SealantDow Corning3138356
Electrical Compound
Cable Ties
Mechanical FabricationRivet Installation ToolMilwaukee2550-20
Rotary ToolDremel
Hole Deburring Tool
Mechanical AssemblyHex Keys, MetricWiha66980
Hex Keys, ImperialWiha66981
Crescent Wrenches, Metric
(5 mm - 13 mm)
Crescent Wrenches, Imperial
Adjustable Wrench, Small
Adjustable Wrench, Large
Sockets and Socket Wrenches,
Metric (5 mm - 13 mm)
Sockets and Socket Wrenches,
SidecuttersKnipex78 03 125
Electrical Cable FabricationSoldering IronPaceMBT360
Soldering Helping Hands
Wire StrippersGreenlee CommunicationsPA1123
Utility KnifeOlfaL-2
Heat GunMilwaukee2688-20
Crimper, Anderson Powerpole PP15Anderson Power Products1309G8
Crimper, Anderson SB50 and PP75Anderson Power Products1309G4
Crimper, Molex Mini-Fit-JrMolex0638190901
Extractor, Molex Mini-Fit-JrMolex11030044
Crimper, Molex Mega-FitMolex2002187200
Extractor, Molex Mega-FitMolex0638240810
Crimper, Ferrule (Phoenix Contact)Phoenit Contact1213144
Crimper, Ring Terminal (Panduit)Panduit0638190901
Crimper, Quick Disconnect (Panduit)PanduitCT-1525
Crimper, Ring Lug Terminals (Panduit)PanduitCT-1700
SidecuttersKnipex78 03 125
Electrical AssemblyScouring Pads (ScotchBrite)3M61500290558