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Top Plate

The top plates for the Warthog include M5×0.8 threaded holes that match the Clearpath PACS standard.


These top plates require extrusion rails to be mounted on the Warthog.


You can install an extrusion cross-bar under the top plates to add stiffness.

Sales Kits


This kit requires a Warthog with Extrusion Rails. Refer to the Extrusion Rails page for further details.


This Top Plate can be stiffened by adding a Crossbar underneath it. Refer to the Crossbar page for further details.

DescriptionSales Kit
Installation, Kit, Attachment Top Plate—Warthog028462

Parts List

IDDescriptionCPR itemQuantity
1Plate—110 X 704.50284511
2Nut, T-Slot—M5×0.8 X 5.8 X 10, Steel0284639
3Screw, Flat Head—M5×0.8 X 14, Stainless Steel0234719

Tools required

  • Hex Key, 3 mm
  • Torque wrench (optional, for safety applications)
  • Loctite 243 (optional, for high vibration applications)


Step 1

Insert T-slot nuts (ID2) into the Warthog's Extrusion Rail and Cross-Bar.


You may need to loosen the Cross-Bar's brackets to get access to the end for inserting the T-slot nuts.

Step 2

Place the Plate (ID1) ontop of the Extrusion Rails and Crossbar. The Plate's countersink features should be facing up.

Step 3

Install Screws (ID3) into the Plate's holes; threading the Screws into the T-slop nuts from Step 1.


Torque these screws to 5 N·m if you are concerned about them loosening from high vibration applications.


You may add a small amount of thread locker to these screws if you are concerned about them loosening from high vibration applications.