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Item Numbers

DescriptionCPR ItemSales KitInstallation Kit, With Fasteners
PTU E46018807028873028872


Mass, PTU1.4 kg
Mass, Payload Maximum2.72 kg
Voltage, Minimum12 V
Voltage, Maximum30 V
Voltage, Sensor24 V
Power, Average6 W
DataEthernet or RS-232
Ingress Protection, Solids6
Ingress Protection, Liquids5
Operating Temperature, Min-20 °C
Operating Temperature, Max60 °C

Software Bringup

This sensor is not included in the Clearpath Robotics System Image. If you purchased this sensor with your Clearpath robot, we will install the necessary ROS packages and configuration details on the robot's computer.

Refer to this page's Further Reading section for more details.


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Further Reading

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