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Wireless Stop System

FORT Robotics, Mobility

Item Numbers

DescriptionCPR itemManufacturer item
Kar-Tech, PACS kit027297
FORT Robotics, Mobility025727
FORT Robotics, Mobility, PACS kit027216

Hardware Build, Kar-Tech

Parts List, Kar-Tech

IDDescriptionCPR Item
1Plate—80 X 80, Attachment Interface, Large026964
2Bundle, Wireless Safety Controller—Kartech014663
3Screw, Cap, Round Head—M4×0.7 X 12, Stainless Steel023310
4Nut, Hex, Lock, Polymer Insert—M4×0.7 X 5, Stainless Steel019899
5Spacer, Round—Ø5.3 X Ø8 X 7, Aluminum Alloy026612
6Screw, Cap, Round Head—M5×0.8 X 16, Stainless Steel023257

Instructions, Kar-Tech

  1. Fasten the Kar-Tech (ID 1) to the attachment-plate (ID 1) using M4 screws (ID 3) and nuts (ID 4).
  2. Mount this assembly onto your robot, using the included spacers (ID 5) and screws (ID 6).
  3. Add a connector to the Kar-Tech's cable. Refer to 014663-TDS1 for full details of the Kar-Tech component, including pinout.

Hardware Build, FORT Robotics Mobility

Parts List, FORT Robotics Mobility

IDDescriptionCPR ItemQuantity
1Plate—80 X 80, Attachment Interface, Large0271101
2Bundle, Wireless Safety Controller—FORT Robotics0257271
3Antenna 2.4 GHz0071981
4Screw, Cap, Flat Head—M4×0.7 X 10, Stainless Steel0234554
5Screw, Cap, Flat Head—M5×0.8 X 12, Stainless Steel0234714

Instructions, FORT Robotics Mobility

  1. Fasten the attachment-plate (ID 1) to the robot using M5 screws (ID 5)
  2. Mount the FORT Robotics component (ID 2) to the attachment-plate (ID 1) using four M4×0.7 screws (ID 4).
  3. Attach the antenna (ID 3) to the FORT (ID 2).
  4. Add a connector to the cable included in the FOR bundle (ID 2). Clearpath drawing 025657 shows an example configuration. Refer to 015584-TDS2 for full details of the FORT component, including pinout.
  5. Connect the cable you just made to the robot's User Power connector, and to your motion-stop loop control wiring.
  6. Connect a USB-mini 2.0 cable between your ROS computer and the FORT Robotics component. This cable is not included in the PACS kit.