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Item Numbers

DescriptionCPR Item
USB 3.0 Hub, 7 port, 9 - 24 VDC025440
USB 3.0 Hub, 7 port, 9 - 24 VDC, PACS kit027642

Hardware Build

017642 | USB 3.0 Hub, 7 port, PACS kit

Parts List

The PACS kit for this sensor includes:

IDDescriptionCPR itemQuantity
1Kit, Attachment—80 X 80, DIN Rail0278811
2USB Hub—7 Port, USB 3.00254401
3Spacer, DIN rail, Locking—35 X 7.5 X 100236492

Instructions, 5 Port

  1. Build the DIN rail assembly. The instructions are listed on the DIN Rail page
  2. Mount this assembly onto your robot, using the DIN Rail kit's included spacers and screws.
  3. Remove the USB Hub from its packaging. Connect its included DIN Rail bracket to the USB Hub.
  4. Connect the USB Hub assmbly onto the DIN Rail assembly.
  5. Use two DIN Spacers (ID 3) to hold the USB Hub on the DIN Rail.
  6. Make a power cable using the green terminal block connector that was included with the USB Hub. There is white lettering on the side of the USB Hub designating +V and -V terminals.
  7. Make sure the robot is off. Connect the sensor's cable to the USB Hub, and to the related User Power terminal on the robot:
    • +12 V regulated
    • +12 V unregulated VBAT
    • +24 V regulated