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Relay Board

Numato Lab® RL40001

We use these Relay Boards from Numato Lab® for controlling lights, larger relay-contactors, and similar powered devices. The relay board is wired to a ROS computer with a USB cable, and appears in the computer's /dev directory as a serial device. We have developed a ROS driver using Numato's API, so we can control the relays through rosservices, and monitor the GPIO inputs through rostopics.

DescriptionCPR ItemSales Kit
Relay, USB controlled—2 Channel019464029099
Relay, USB controlled—4 Channel019465029100
Relay, USB controlled—8 Channel019466029101

Used in a robot, for controlling a stack light, and GPIO for button inputs

DIN Rail Kits


Refer to the DIN Rail page for related PACS Kits, and item numbers of common DIN Rail lengths.

029099 | Kit—Relay, USB controlled, 2 Channel

029100 | Kit—Relay, USB controlled, 4 Channel

029101 | Kit—Relay, USB controlled, 8 Channel