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DescriptionCPR Item
Logitech F710002071
Sony Dualshock011756
Futaba 4GRS011389
FORT Robotics Safe Remote Control025725

Controllers appear in Ubuntu in the /dev/input/ directory. Navigate to that directory,and then run ls to list the controllers. You can view the data stream of the controller by running jstest /dev/input/js0, changing the final value to the relevent controller.


You may need to install jstest with sudo apt-get install jstest-gtk

Clearpath uses the /bluetooth_teleop ROS node to publish velocity commands from the joystick to /twist_mux. /twist_mux Takes in multiple sources of velocity commands, and prioritizes what actually gets sent to /cmd_vel to drive the robot.

Depending on the robot platform and related controller, you will need to configure your robot's environment variables in /etc/ros/setup.bash.

Logitech F710

Drivers are included in the current Linux Kernels that Clearpath Robotics uses.

The included USB dongle requires a line-of-sight connection with the handheld controller.

Sony Dualshock

This conroller requires a Bluetooth connection to the robot's computer.

Linux Driver:

Futaba 4GRS

This controller includes a PCBA that sends data to the ROS computer with a serial connection.

The controller communicates with the PCBA receiver over a 2.4 GHz radio.

Clearpath Robotics has built this controller into the Warthog and Moose platforms.

It can be integrated on other robots, but requires custom integration as there is not an Open Source ROS driver at this time.

FORT Robotics controller

Similar to the Logitech controller listed above, the FORT Robotics controller data appears in /dev/input/ and uses a Linux Driver included in the current Ubuntu LTS release.

The controller and receiver communicate over a 900 MHz radio, with the specific band configured based on your country.


The status of the motion-stop button does appear in the data, as well as the other buttons and joysticks.