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Base Station

Base Station with GPS

Our Base Station is a Network Access Point inside a weatherproof enclosure.

It includes:

  • A weatherproof enclosure mounted to a tripod
  • A network access point and antenna to create a Wi-Fi network
  • An AC-DC power supply
  • A battery and charger, so you can use the Base Station remotely

Our robots are configured to automatically connect to the Base Station's Wi-Fi network. You can then connect your development computer to the Base Station through Wi-Fi or a network cable, and then share data with the robot over Wi-Fi. Our standard Base Station can send data at 100 Mbit/s at up to 100 metres range.

We also have a GPS variant of the Base Station where we add a Swift Navigation Duro to the system, connecting it to the Access Point with a network cable. This GPS sensor allows the robot to apply an RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) correction for more accurate localization.


Clearpath uses this RTK correction in its OutdoorNav autonomy software, but we do not use this data in the standard /odometry rostopic.


Refer to the Network IP Addresses page for the commonly used device IP addresses.